Jeff Webb Cheerleading

President at International Cheer Union


An accomplished entrepreneur, writer, and commercial entrepreneur, Jeff Webb Cheerleading is a native of Tennessee. He is the editorial director of Washington, D.C.-based news and opinion website Human Events, the head of operations for the International Cheer Union, a philanthropist, and an environmentalist. Webb has been discussed in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. Some of his best-selling works, including American Restoration: How to Unfetter the Great Middle Class, are also written by him.

Webb founded the International Cheer Union in 2004 and now supports more than 7.5 million participants globally. The group is a proud member of the Association for International Sports for Everyone and is officially recognized as an international governing body that is non-profit. Its goal is to promote awareness of cheerleading as a sport.

Senior news editor Webb oversees Human Events, which began as a print newspaper in 1944 and became a digital-only magazine in 2013. Together with executive opinion editor Will Chamberlain, he co-publishes the website. In 2022, he oversaw Human Events' acquisition of the Canadian online news publication The Post Millennial.

In 1974, Webb launched Varsity Spirit, now a division of Varsity Brands. He remained chairman of Varsity Brands until 2020 and served as CEO until 2018. Global leaders in cheering, dancing teams, and innovative performing arts organizations include Varsity Spirit. With its educational camps, competitions, and other events, Varsity Spirit interacts with more than a million athletes annually.

Until 2020, Webb presided over Herff Jones. The Indianapolis, Indiana-based company Herff Jones is closely related to elite collegiate and professional sports, including cheer. It is well known for producing and disseminating products that stress achievement, such as educational recognition items and encouraging materials.

Webb earned a bachelor's degree in political science and government from the University of Oklahoma. While there, he actively participated in campus leadership and the cheerleading squad for the university. Although still a university student, this participation led to his job with the National Cheerleaders Association. He left the National Cheerleaders Association after completing his schooling to start the International Cheerleading Association and Varsity Spirit, the precursor of Varsity Brands.